Introducing Audio Loopback: problems, ideas, and solutions

Audio Loop Back Overview Whether you’re starting a radio podcast, a youtube channel, or delivering presentations online, chances are that you’ve found a situation where you wanted your audience to be able to hear what you hear on your computer. Taking control of the multiple audio streams available in our machine is indispensable nowadays. In this article […]

Optimizing Online Music Lessons: Elevating the Audio Experience for Virtual Instruction

GroundControl Caster with Zoom

Free Trial Optimizing Online Music Lessons: Elevating the Audio Experience for Virtual Instruction Unveiling GroundControl Caster: The Key to Sonic Brilliance on Zoom and Beyond In this digital age, music teachers have embarked on a new frontier of online lessons through platforms like Zoom. However, achieving impeccable audio quality has been a recurring challenge. Enter […]

Upgrading Your Audio Studio to Dolby Atmos: Elevate Your Sound with Ease​

GroundControl Sphere dolby atmos

Upgrading a sound studio to Dolby Atmos can seem like a daunting task. There are several challenges that need to be addressed, such as the need for extra speakers, specialized software, and trained personnel. However, once these obstacles are overcome, the advantages of a Dolby Atmos setup can greatly enhance the listener’s experience.

One solution is to start with a limited number of overhead speakers which can gradually be increased as the studio becomes more familiar and comfortable with the new technology. Specialized software is also necessary to design the speaker layout, mix, and master audio for the new sound system. Finally, training personnel is critical, as Dolby Atmos has its own unique language and workflow.

Despite the challenges, upgrading to Dolby Atmos can future-proof your sound studio, providing higher quality audio experiences for years to come.