New GroundControl CASTER version 2.1.8 is now available

What's new in CASTER v2.1.8


  1. Added support for Firefox v113
  2. Voice plugin’s new UI design. try a new microphone track.


  1. Soundboard track MIDI and hotkeys fix.
  2. Fixed a routing issue – “direct to” output didn’t work if the track was not sent to stream mix sub-mix output.

Major update

1. In some scenarios the microphone track was not recorded.

2. Stream Mix track recording was mono when pre-plugin recorded.

3. Added the option to right-click and change meter type:


4. Meters plugin on each output via the meter icon:

5. More bug fixes and improvements.


1. Fixed clocking issues and improved stability.

2. Fixed a problem where the audio sometimes didn’t start.

3. Fixed MIDI bug where the mute stream was not working.

4. Many bug fixes and improvements.


1. Added Loudness meters to both stream mix output and Monitor output. now you can choose to see Integrated / short term/ True peak etc.

2. Added Record Arm option for each track.

3. Added Pan option for each input track.

4. Now you can set a different default path for recorded files.

5. Added preferences if you don’t want CASTER device to be selected automatically on system output devices when CASTER loads.

6. Added UI indication when plugins are inserted.

7. Fixed bug: Soundboard sample names were not loaded on session load.

8. Bug fixed: in some scenarios choosing ‘desktop audio’ causes microphone input to stop receiving input.

9. Bug fixed: in some scenario Un assigning desktop audio causes application meters to stop working.

CASTER 2.1.1

We fixed a bug with application wrong volume values at some scenarios.

CASTER 2.1.0
Major update, many bug fixes and improvements

1. Added a Mono output option.

2. Added peak hold for all input and output meters.

3. Added keyboard modifiers added:

“option + click” to reset the value.

“command + drag” for fine tune.

4. Fixed a bug where is ProTools audio engine CASTER stream Mix 1 device didn’t show and some CASTER devices shoed twice.

5. Fixed bug in Soundboard – import audio file with different sample rate played the audio in wrong sample rate.

6. Fixed hang on file select dialog in macOS 10.14 Mojave and 10.13 High Sierra when trying to import a sample file.

7. Fixed a crash when missing audio files in soundboard.

8. Fixed bug with MIDI mappings for: input track send to stream on/off and main monitor out volume didn’t work.

9. Fixed bug: text size in application menu was not updated with rescale.

CASTER 2.0.9
Radio Voice - sound improved. you need to hear it yourself 🙂

We found some issues in the sound of Radio Voice and fixed them – now it should sound amazing on any microphone.

*** NOTE: if you had Radio Voice already running and you want to have the latest sound and fixes, you need to delete the “old” plugin and reload a new one.

CASTER 2.0.8
Volume control now made easy - control your headphones from Mac keyboard volume keys

Now you can control any output from CASTER monitor out’s by using your volume keyboard keys. Much easier to control your headphones volume and with more accuracy. 

Bug fixed including crash on load on some scenarios.

CASTER v2.0.7
Our new free plug-ins will enhance your voice with broadcast-quality sound

You don’t need to worry about your microphone sound anymore, adding a microphone track in CASTER will instantly add Voice Purity and Voice Radio. Works on any type of microphone to make it sound like a high end microphone.

Audio streaming high quality
Voicemeeter for mac

CASTER v2.0.5
BUG fixes:

1. Audio offset between application tracks.

2.  Some times audio didn’t return properly after computer sleep.

3. Offset in drag and drop tracks in some scenarios.

CASTER v2.0.4
BUG fixed: Buttons missing in some resolutions

In some resolutions buttons were missing.

CASTER v2.0.3:
Drag & Drop tracks

You can now drag and drop tracks to make your mixer view as you want it to be.

Bug fixed

Meter were not calibrated when resizing the application.

Thank you Nico !

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