GroundControl CASTER quick guide

How to use GroundControl Caster 2.0.0 – Audio Routing for Mac

Download and Install the CASTER app

With CASTER Live you can Blend multiple audio sources of any kind: applications audio, microphones, and audio interfaces. All you need to do is to add tracks into CASTER Live mixer.

Mix and stream to your favorite streaming apps (Zoom, Skype, Discord, OBS, StreamLabs, etc).

You can separate your audio tracks into various virtual audio devices and get them as inputs in OBS etc.

With CASTER Live you can Route audio between applications, stream gameplays, create professional screencasts, produce high-quality podcasts, and much more.

What’s new?

GroundControl Caster 2.0.0 features a free version with upgradeable features. You can try the premium version (CASTER Live) for 14 days.

If you already purchased GroundControl Caster in the past – you can access all CASTER Live features. To enable them:

  1. Click on “Settings”>”Activate / De-activate License”
  2. Enter your email and license code (the email address you used for purchasing).
  3. To retrieve your license code, choose “Forgot your license key” and enter your email.
  4. You will be sent a license code.
  5. Open CASTER settings> Activate/ De-activate License > enter your email and license code.
  6. You are good to go!
  7. To learn more, read about this issue here. If any problems occur – please write us at

CASTER (Free version) features:

  • One application source input (desktop audio by default).
  • Soundboard track
  • Recording of all tracks directly from CASTER free.
  • Insert plugins on any input\output track.
  • Volume control for each input\output and main out.
  • Two mix outputs. one for stream and one for monitor headphones.
  • Free virtual audio device.

CASTER LIVE (Premium version) features:

  • up to eight application source inputs (any running application can be selected).
  • up to six physical audio inputs (mic, interfaces, instruments, etc).
  • Insert plugins on any input\output.
  • Volume control for each input\output and main out.
  • Two mix outputs.
  • Direct out & Virtual driver per track.
  • Route audio between applications and devices.

How to use CASTER –

GroundControl Caster
  1. Open the app and start adding input tracks- you can add applications, Microphones, or input devices.
  2. Change the track’s name and color (optional).
  3. Choose your monitor device (headphones).
  4. Stream your mix to another application using CASTER Stream Mix virtual audio device – go to your selected app (for example Zoom, in the app preferences choose “Caster Stream Mix” as the audio source (in Zoom, for example, that would be the mic input).
  5. Advanced track menu – Add AU plugins and FX – up to 3 inserts per track
  6. Send the track to “Direct to..” – it will automatically create a new virtual device in your Audio MIDI setup.
  7. Use the Soundboard track to play sounds! it’s fun…
  8. Change the interface mode (Light/Dark).
  9. Change the scaling.
  10. Add Hot Keys for easy access to any parameter in the CASTER app.
  11. Set your MIDI controls.
  12. Keep the app “Always on Top”
  13. Record your session. you can record all CASTER tracks on MP3 or Wav.