Comparison between CASTER Free and CASTER Live users

There are many free features in CASTER, but some features are available only in CASTER Live.

You can always use the free CASTER features, and if you do need some of the Live features, you can upgrade to CASTER Live anytime.

You can try CASTER Live and decide after the 14 days trial if you wish to purchase the Live version or go back to the free version.

CASTER free features list:

  1. One application track – by default, it’s assigned to desktop audio.
  2. Virtual audio device to stream your desktop sound to your favorite streaming app – “CASTER stream Mix”
  3. Interface to monitor this audio stream in your headphones.
  4. Soundboard track with funny sounds and an option to load your own sounds and play them to your stream.
  5. Audio recording option directly from CASTER application.
  6. Add plug-ins to all tracks

The CASTER Live (paid) version there are few more features:

  1. Up to 8 application tracks.
  2. Up to 6 microphones or device input tracks.
  3. Route any track to any application on your Mac with a single click. This is a “direct to..” feature that lets you have a dedicated audio device for each track so you can get separated audio in OBS.
  4. Use MIDI & Hotkeys for easy control.

Here is a short comparison table between the CASTER and the CASTER Live version: