GroundControl CUBE

The legacy free GroundControl CUBE is now replaced with CASTER free version.

CASTER free version is available for download. it has all CUBE features and much more.


On the most left side you see the Soundboard track. this track allows you to play sound effects, alerts, music etc. you can use our free sounds or upload your own sounds.

Next to it, there is the Desktop audio track. this track capture all the audio from your Mac. it can be replaced with any other application on your Mac to capture only it’s specific audio.

Each track has 2 volume faders so you can send to stream and to headphones in different levels.

On the OUTPUTS side there are 2 output tracks, one is for the stream and one is for monitor headphones.

The stream outputs to “CASTER Stream Mix” virtual device.

On the bottom left side there is the recorder. you can record all inputs and outputs tracks. you can record to MP3 or WAV files format.

You can insert plug-ins on each track (inputs and outputs). just hit the advanced view button (above the faders) and add your favourite AU plug-ins.

All the above features are for free!

If you want to add more tracks you will ned to upgrade to CASTER Live.