GroundControl ROOM quick guide

How to use GroundControl ROOM 2.0.1 – Audio Routing for Mac

Download and Install the ROOM app

What’s new?

GroundControl ROOM 2.0.0 features a lite version with upgradeable features. You can try the premium version (ROOM Pro) for 14 days.

If you already purchased GroundControl Room in the past – you can access all ROOM Pro features. To enable them:

  1. Click on “Settings”>”Activate / De-activate License”
  2. Enter your email and license code (the email address you used for purchasing).
  3. To retrieve your license code, choose “Forgot your license key” and enter your email.
  4. You will be sent a license code.
  5. Open CASTER settings> Activate/ De-activate License > enter your email and license code.
  6. You are good to go!
  7. To learn more, read about this issue here. If any problems occur – please write us at


GroundControl ROOM now has a lite version. 

The new version offers an easy-to-use solution for controlling your listening environment. 

Some of the main key features:

  • 2 input sources – A/B test your mix to compare with your reference from any source such as Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, or YouTube.
  • Use your favorite AU plugins. You can add them to any GroundControl ROOM output, input, or main section. Add powerful room correction and simulation software from IK Multimedia ARC, Sonarworks, Steven Slate VSX system, and others.
  • LUFS & True Peak meters.
  • Flip L/R, phase inverse, stereo vs mono image, mid vs sides image
  • Panning with versatile pan law options.
  • Volume / mute / Dim controllers
  • Reference level presets, listen to your mix/music in your favorite levels
  • Double precision floating point processing for extremely high fidelity audio sound.
  • Master clock sync capabilities.

ROOM is an in-the-box audio hub, built with a set of powerful routing and monitoring capabilities which are the heart of Ginger Audio’s GroundControl technology.

Simultaneously connect and blend multiple input audio devices and route them to multiple output devices with a click of a button.

Feed audio from your DAW, Desktop sound, and any other applications into the GroundControl ROOM hub. You can toggle between virtual and physical audio inputs and compare your mix through a different set of speakers, all in one place.

Unleash your routing capabilities with GroundControl ROOM.

GroundControl ROOM works on any scale – from your bedroom studio to the biggest pro recording studios. 

Whether you are mixing, mastering, creating, and streaming your content, GroundControl ROOM is the right tool for you.

The Pro version features (on top of the lite features):

  • 5 different input sources
  • Talkback input source
  • 5 sets of outputs
  • Create virtual audio devices and use them as virtual cables to route your audio between applications.
  • NDI streaming (coming soon in fall 2022).
  • Controller options such as MIDI, hotkeys, Bluetooth, etc.

Try the Pro version for 14 days, free of charge. You can go back to the lite version anytime.

How to use GroundControl ROOM

GroundControl ROOM
  1. Choose input source, name, and color. The source can be mono/stereo.
  2. Input peak meter.
  3. Adjust input gain.
  4. Add AU plugin.
  5. Mute on/off.
  6. Lock – A locked channel won’t toggle (stay on/ off).
  7. Send to cue mix.
  8. Talkback input gain.
  9. Talkback mute button mode latch on/off.
  10. The main mute – this will mute all outputs except cue output.
  11. Dim & Dim level. Set attenuation level.
  12. Ref 1,2,3 – create presets for 3 different levels.
  13. The main volume – this will influence all output except for Cue.
  14. Mid – 
  15. Side- 
  16. Stereo- 
  17. Mono-
  18. Flip-
  19. L/R – Solo L or R
  20. Phase – switch phase
  21. Output mute on/off.
  22. Add AU plugin on output.
  23. Output gain.
  24. Output peak meter.
  25. Output pan
  26. Choose Output destination, name, and color. The destination can be mono/stereo.
  27. Cue/ Stream mix- This is another separated output mix. Use this output mix to send to your streaming platform or as a headphones mix.
  28. LUFS meter- This meter will show measuring for all input signals that are not muted.
  29. Choose a destination platform to meet the platform standard measurements.
  30. Reset- will reset all measurements.
  31. Input peak meter.
  32. LUFS momentary meter.