Control GroundControl CASTER with MIDI

What is MIDI? #

MIDI is a communication standard that allows digital gear to speak the same language.

MIDI is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It’s a protocol that allows computers, musical instruments and other hardware to communicate.

MIDI interfaces and controllers #

MIDI interfaces are devices that let you send MIDI information in and out of your computer over USB.

MIDI controllers are a special type of MIDI interface with an input device built-in. Typical input methods available on MIDI controllers are piano keys and pressure-sensitive pads. Many include knobs and sliders for controlling other parameters as well.

Connect your MIDI device to CASTER #

Connect your MIDI device to your computer. Consult your device’s manual to make sure the proper drives are installed.

Go to CASTER and click the MIDI setup button:

MIDI control audio routing for Mac
MIDI setup

The MIDI setup window will open. All of your available MIDI devices will be displayed here.

MIDI inputs fir controlling GroundControl Caster

Check the MIDI device(s) you wish to use and close the window. CASTER will now receive data from the devices you selected.

Map MIDI input to CASTER #

In order to map your MIDI device to any button or fader in CASTER, simply right-click on the desired button or fader and choose the “MIDI Learn” option from the menu. Using the knob, fader, or button on your MIDI device that you would like to use will map to chosen element in CASTER.

Virtual Audio Cable Mac
MIDI learn for fader