How to record your desktop audio

With CASTER it is simple and FREE to record your desktop audio.

Desktop Audio Track #

When you open CASTER, your first track (sticky track) is automatically assigned as “Desktop audio” input.

Record desktop audio

Now, all your desktop audio will go through CASTER, you can monitor it through this input.

Recording your Desktop Audio #

To record the audio, just hit the record button here:

capture mac desktop audio

Recording settings #

To change the default audio format (mp3, 256kbps) click on the cog wheel icon, here you can set your preferred audio format, quality, and resolution. You can also choose to record pre or post-plugin inserts.

To browse your recordings, click on the folder icon. This will open the file location in your file system – recordings are sorted by date and time subfolders.

Changing Recorded Application #

If you wish to record only one app’s audio (and not the entire desktop audio), Just switch the first input to your preferred app.