Stream your set from Ableton Live to OBS or Zoom

You can use CASTER to route audio between applications – Ableton Live to OBS, Zoom, or any other streaming software.

How to route audio from Ableton to OBS: #

Open Ableton Live and go to preferences. Set up the output audio devices as seen below.

** You only need to use CASTER outputs channels 1 & 2.

Setup CASTER for Ableton Streaming #

Now open CASTER application and choose Ableton as an application input. All of your audio will be routed from Ableton Live to CASTER. You can now use the “CASTER Stream Mix1” audio device to capture the audio in OBS.

In addition to the audio from Ableton Live, your desktop audio is also routed to CASTER (this happens automatically) and will be routed to the CASTER Stream Mix device. You can monitor each input into CASTER and control the level of the streaming and monitor output in the output section.

Using Ableton Alongside Other Applications #

If you are using other streaming applications—Zoom for example—you can keep the settings as “same as system” for both speakers and microphone.