Separate Game Audio, Discord, Music on OBS | Mac

Download and Install the CASTER app #

Create a dedicated virtual audio output device #

In CASTER Live, each audio track can be directed to OBS with a dedicated audio device.

To do that, all you need to do is to enter the track’s “advanced mode” and enable the “Direct to” switch.

Separate audio track on OBS for Mac

This will automatically create a dedicated virtual audio device in your Mac and will give it the source track name.

GroundContrl Caster virtual audio device

Assign Input Source In OBS #

Now, go to OBS and select this device as your input source.

Separate audio tracks on OBS
Add Input Capture in OBS
GroundControl Virtual Audio devices
Select CASTER virtual audio device you want using the menu.
GroundControl to OBS Audio
Now you will have separate audio feeds for all of the programs you want in OBS.