How To Stream from Logic Pro X to Google Meet

Download and Install CASTER app #

Setup Logic Pro X Input/Output: #

Open Logic Pro X.

On the top left menu open Logic Pro X->Preferences->Audio

Set the Output Device to “CASTER” Device and leave the input Device set to your audio interface.

Setup CASTER application #

Open CASTER application – installed in your Application folder.

Add Application #

Hit the Add application button and Add GarageBand to CASTER tracks:

Add Microphone #

Hit the Add Microphone button and Add your Microphone.

Choose Monitor Device #

Choose your Monitor device to hear your stream:

Set Google Meet Microphone to “CASTER Stream Mix” #

Join Google Meet.

You do not need to change the microphone in this step. We will change it in the next step.

In the bottom left, select the options menu with the 3 dots and select settings.

Stream from garageband to google meet
Change the Microphone to “CASTER Stream Mix” #
Stream from garageband to google meet