How To Stream from Logic Pro X to Zoom

Download and Install CASTER app #

Setup Logic Pro X Input/Output: #

Open Logic Pro X.

On the top left menu open Logic Pro X->Preferences->Audio

Set the Output Device to “CASTER” Device and leave the input Device set to your audio interface.

Setup CASTER application #

Open CASTER application – installed in your Application folder.

Add Application #

Hit the Add application button and Add GarageBand to CASTER tracks:

Add Microphone #

Hit the Add Microphone button and Add your Microphone.

Choose Monitor Device #

Choose your Monitor device to hear your stream:

Set Zoom Microphone to “CASTER Stream Mix 1” #

Open Zoom.

In the top menu select>Preferences->Audio and set the Microphone to “CASTER Stream Mix”.

Double-check that the speaker is set to the CASTER output of your choice.