How to use Discord with CASTER

Set up Discord audio to work with CASTER #

Go to Discord user settings/preferences

Navigate to Voice & Video tab

Set Up Output Device in Discord #

In order to get the audio from Discord into CASTER, select “CASTER” in the “OUTPUT” option.

Set Up Input Device in Discord

For the input device, you have two options.

Option 1: Stream Entire CASTER Mix #

If you would like to stream the entire CASTER mix output into Discord (i.e. CASTER soundboard, Desktop audio, and all tracks in CASTER), select “CASTER Stream Mix 1” in the “INPUT” option.

Note: In this case, make sure to select an input track with your microphone in CASTER.

Add a microphone input track
Option 2: Stream Only Microphone to Discord #

If you wish to stream only your microphone to Discord, use the “Direct to” feature under “Advanced View.”

This will create another audio device in your system with the name of your microphone input track. Now, go to Discord and choose this device as the “Microphone” input.

For more info about CASTER go to our Quick guide