How to use your coupon code

Use your code with CASTER #

Open your CASTER app

1. Click on “buy now” or on any unlocked feature (for example hotkeys, MIDI, or mic input track).

2. Enter your email address and country

3. Click on “Add coupon”

4. Enter your coupon code and click on “Add Coupon”. The coupon will be added to your purchase.

Use your code on #

1. To use your code directly on the paddle checkout, go to

2. Click on “Purchase now” on either ROOM/ CASTER product.

3. Enter your email address and country (you may be asked to enter a zip code as well)

4. On the next screen click on “Add coupon”

5. Enter your coupon, click on “Add Coupon” and proceed to checkout!

Use your code with ROOM #

Open your ROOM app

Click on the “Demo mode” button at the app top bar.

Follow steps 3-5 from the above section (purchase on