Stream audio between DAWs – Ableton Live to Pro Tools

Download and install GroundControl CASTER #

Create a Virtual Driver #

Go to “Settings > GroundControl Audio Devices”

Click the “Add Device” button – this will create a virtual audio driver on your system (on the fly). You can rename it and set its channel count (if you want to send more than 2 channels between the apps)

Using a Virtual Driver Standalone #

If you don’t want GroundControl CASTER to monitor your audio, you can close the app and use the virtual driver you have just created in your mac sound settings. You will have zero latency when using this driver.

Using a Virtual Driver in CASTER #

If you want to use GroundControl CASTER to monitor the audio stream of this virtual driver, add an input track for the virtual audio device you created. This is shown as “Ableton To Protools” in our example.

Note that when monitoring through Caster, the stereo channels 1&2 usually corresponds to the master output of the DAW you are using.