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analysis software and correction plug-in to improve the accuracy of your monitoring in any room

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Trust what you hear

Have Confidence in Your Audio Perception

The acoustic characteristics of a room can significantly influence your perception of music. Surfaces like walls, furniture, and various objects within a room interact with sound, leading to intricate nuances that alter the frequency balance and stereo imaging. These subtle changes can disrupt the carefully balanced mix you've created when heard in different environments.

With MotionMiC, you can address these challenges without the need for costly room treatments. MotionMiC conducts precise room sound measurements within moments, generating a correction profile that seamlessly integrates into the MetaQ plugin within your DAW. This ensures that what you hear accurately represents the true sound of your music.

As a result, your mixing process becomes more efficient and less demanding, and your work translates more faithfully across various listening environments than ever before.

A Revolutionary Listening Experience Awaits You

MotionMiC introduces an entirely new dimension to your listening experience, thanks to its groundbreaking analysis and correction algorithm. This innovative approach sets it apart from other digital room correction systems.

Through a comprehensive assessment of your room in a three-dimensional space surrounding the listening position, Ginger Audio MMM (Motion Mic Measurement) technology creates a detailed 3D representation of your room. It identifies problematic issues without excessively altering the sound.

The outcome is a remarkably natural-sounding correction that is unlike anything you've ever experienced. ARC 3 faithfully recreates the sensation of working in a meticulously tuned room, all without the telltale signs of excessive correction.

Achieve Swift and Assured Mixing Like Never Before

MotionMiC and Meta Q brings together a cutting-edge analysis software, and correction plugin to enhance the precision of your monitoring, regardless of the room. Enhance your workflow by working with greater speed and freedom, all while having the confidence that you're hearing your music as it truly is, and that it will sound exceptional on any playback system.

With a streamlined calibration process that is both quicker and more user-friendly, every aspect is designed to allow you to concentrate on your music and create audio that seamlessly adapts to any system.

Measure quickly and precisely

simply connecting a measurement microphone to your interface and initiating our step-by-step room analysis software. This intuitive process will walk you through a set of measurements at your listening position, and thanks to Motion MiC new technic of measurement, you'll complete it in under 10 minutes.

Generate measurements for multiple monitors and various listening positions, enabling you to virtually fine-tune the ideal sweet spot for clients or different configurations.

More microphone options

Use any generic measurement microphones, and even load a mic calibration file for superior accuracy.

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