New GroundControl SPHERE version 1.5.2 is now available


  • SOLO speakers and MUTE speakers are now available. you can toggle between all speakers using mute or solo. you can hold Command for Solo in place.

MAJOR RELEASE: New iRender Spatial plugin

  • NEW!! iRender Spatial plugin integrated into Sphere: Hear how your Dolby Atmos session will sound on Apple Music

    NEW Aux output tracks added. You can send from each input track to the Aux outputs and add the iRender plugin to create the downmix allowing you to monitor how the spatialized audio will sound on Apple Music.

  • New StreamDeck plugin with the Aux controls.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Eucon bug fixes.


  • Master clock settings are now saved in preferences.
  • Stability when moving between sessions with different sample rates.
  • Bug fixes 


  • More CPU / clock and stability improvements!
  • Bug fixes 

v1.4.4 - major hotfix

  • Add backward compatibility for configuration files.
  • Bug fixed – output meters showed the wrong layout when a new output device was selected.
  • CPU consumption and stability improvements!


  • Bug fix – in some scenarios, when deleting a plugin audio would stop.
  • Stability improvements.


  • Fix for old OSX versions.


  • We found a performance issue and fixed it asap. please make sure to update to 1.4.0 for best performance.

v1.3.9 - major update

  • macOS Sonoma is now officially supported. this is a major update from Apple to the audio industry. we tested it and found major improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added a preference for configuration auto-save settings, you can choose to auto-save on quit or to be asked to save changes.
  • Fixed a bug where audio didn’t pass after the computer came back from sleep or on some scenarios on computer startup – we think we nailed it now.


  • Fix for a crash in an empty session scenario.

v1.3.6 - major fixes

  • Fixed a bug where audio didn’t start on every load of the app or after the computer sleep.
  • Fixed a bug where audio didn’t output even when meters showed an input signal.
  • Fixed the “New” configuration function – now it resets all session parameters.
  • Now when you quit Sphere you will be asked if want to save the changes or discard them.


  • Added an option to search plugins via text. open the plugin menu and start typing the name of your plugin for quick access.
  • Fixed a bug where the input individual volume didn’t work.


  • Fixed an issue when loading a configuration file. discard changes didn’t react as expected in some scenarios.


  • We are always striving for improvement. In this update, we’ve significantly enhanced the save/load functionality for configurations. Now, configurations load more rapidly and efficiently.


  • Fixed LUFS meter bug – it wouldn’t show unless plugin meter UI was opened.
  • Fixed a problem with configuration loading.


  • Added preferences for main meters to follow input and output selection.
  • Added preferences for control room section to follow inputs or outputs selection.


  • Fixed a meter issue in the output meters: the meters were not aligned to the right channels when in surround and immersive layouts.


  • Fixed a crash bug in output settings

v1.2.7 update - major update

  • Improved CPU Consumption.
  • Main Output Peak Meter added.
  • Metering Customization: Turn on/off any meter to suit your needs.
  • Added linking Talkback and DIM preferences.
  • UI/UX Refresh: Experience our sleek, new user interface.
  • Enhanced Sphere Studio: Now supporting up to 7.1, alongside Sphere Atmos’ existing 9.1.6 support.
  • Stream Deck plugin – Now featured in Elgato Store:
  • Bug Fixes.


1. Fixed a bug in stream deck integration plugin.


1. EUCON support is now available. all you need to do is go to Settings > Controllers > Enable Eucon Controller.
2. Stream Deck plugin is now available on our download page. you need to download and run the Streamdeck plugin installer, then go to Settings > Controllers > Enable Stream Deck Controller.

3. Added input volume knobs on the main UI for easy access.

4. Fixed bug in granularity of negative volume for individual speakers. some values jumped by more than 0.1 db.

5. More bug fixes and improvements.


1. Improved CPU load
2. Added ATSC A/85 to lufs target platforms


1. UI changes and bug fixes
2. Solo Front group is Left, Center, and Right speakers.


1. Signal flow changed – now the bass management is placed before the main track plugin. this is it’s the right location if you wish to insert a room correction plugin.
2. Signal flow changes – Cue send is now pre-input on/off button. So now you can send a signal from the input track to the Cue and not to the control room at the same time.
3. New feature added – in bass management, now you can control the level of the SUB signal path, ie the injected audio from channels LPF.
4. New feature added – Master clock and Sample rate indication added on the main UI.
5. New feature added – master clock disconnection handling, if your master clock got disconnected you will get a red indication, and the system will fall back to Sphere 16 as a momentary master clock fallback, connecting the master clock back will return the clock settings and will get back in sync.
6. Now you can rename the Volume recall buttons – Ref1, Ref2, Ref3.
7.  Main volume button value is now on the main UI with the option to text entry the value.
8. Fixed routing issue when the plugin is inserted into the main track slot in some scenarios and also if a plugin was inserted to the last channel in the track. 
9. Fixed a bug with loading a session – happened only when the trial was over.
10. Fixed a bug where audio didn’t start on a load in some cases till you changed a connection.

v1.1.0 update

1. We added a new feature where disconnected devices will be saved in the Sphere session/configuration. and when this device will show up again it will be automatically re-connected. if you will remove a disconnected device from Input/output while it’s still disconnected – this device will be then gone.
We have done this so that you can disconnect your computer and switch between different configurations without losing the device’s setup and connections.
2. We have fixed a few more bugs related to loading a session/configuration that may lead to a crash.
3. We have added a 5.1.2 layout option.

v1.0.9 update

1. Fixed a bug of stuck meters (ui only) in the main control room meters view.

2. In track settings, if I solo Top speakers it solo also the LW and RW.

3. Fixed a bug in the Talkback track. it was not routed properly to the CUE track.

4. LUFS meters plugins were not updated correctly with the right track layouts at some scenarios.

v1.0.7 update

1. In some scenarios when inserting a mono plugin into an input or output track channel it caused a routing mismatch.

2. Fixed a routing bug of Sphere outputs.

GroundControl Sphere 1.0.5 is now officially released

v1.0.3 update

1. Added Bass management for each output track of Sphere. 

2. Added support for input and output track main plugin. this now works if the plugin supports the track layout, if it doesn’t it will show it in red and will let you choose any supported format of the plugin.

3. Added track layout indications.

4. Added Mono / Stereo / Sides / Flip/phase rev for Front Left and Right speakers.

5. Added Mono / Stereo / Sides / Flip/phase rev for Cue output.

6. 3 more Sphere audio bridge devices were added – “Sphere 16 Mon”, “Sphere 32 Mon”, and “Sphere 64 Mon”.

7. When solo is engaged – the clear solo button will now blink in red.

8. “Show Meter Window” button is added for each input and output track.

9. Added a preferences option for “Control Room layout follow input selection”.

10. Many bug fixes and stability improvements.

v1.0.2 update

1. Added 5.1.4 format

2. Changed track settings delay units from samples to ms. you may need to delete your old session ‘SPHERE.sphere’ located at: /Users/youruser/Library/Application Support/Ginger Audio

3. you can now create GroundControl audio bridge with up to 128 channel.

4. Cue output track is now in slot D output.

v1.0.1 update

1. Fixed bug in AUDIO MIDI SETUP – overlapping channels error.

2. Added a plugin for each input and output channel.

3. Added the option to re-route channels from/to physical outputs.

4. Added 9.1.4 format.

5. Many bug fixes and improvements.