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New GCS version 1.0.1 is now available

What's new in GroundControl Sphere v1.0.1

Major update

1. Fixed clocking issues and improved stability.

2. Fixed a problem where the audio sometimes didn’t start.

3. Fixed MIDI bug where the mute stream was not working.

4. Many bug fixes and improvements.


1. Added Loudness meters to both stream mix output and Monitor output. now you can choose to see Integrated / short term/ True peak etc.

2. Added Record Arm option for each track.

3. Added Pan option for each input track.

4. Now you can set a different default path for recorded files.

5. Added preferences if you don’t want CASTER device to be selected automatically on system output devices when CASTER loads.

6. Added UI indication when plugins are inserted.

7. Fixed bug: Soundboard sample names were not loaded on session load.

8. Bug fixed: in some scenarios choosing ‘desktop audio’ causes microphone input to stop receiving input.

9. Bug fixed: in some scenario Un assigning desktop audio causes application meters to stop working.

CASTER 2.1.1