Free Audio Routing Hub for Mac

Completely Free

Requires macOS 10.13 or newer 


integrates with


The all in one Live Stream
Audio hub for Mac

The most powerful audio mixer for content creators.

Blend multiple audio sources of any kind: applications, microphones, audio interfaces and more. Mix and stream to your favorite streaming app: Twitch, OBS, StreamLabs, Zoom, Restream etc.

Who is CASTER for

Content Creators

Create and stream with ease . CASTER will take care of all the audio routing, mixing and recording for you.


Stream your gameplay. Blend your voice, your game sound and audio effects- all in one place.

Working from Home

Organize your work setup. Manage all audio sources from one place. CASTER will make your voice sound better.

E- Lessons Instructors

Combine your lecture with other audio sources. For high quality sound and interactive lessons.

Start with the free version.
Upgrade whenever you decide

See feature comparison for more details

Soundboard Play sounds on your live stream, online games and chat apps.

Play intros, sound effects, alerts, music and more.

Soundboard allows you to instantly play different sounds to everyone with multiple playback options.

You can even set up your own samples.

Useful for podcasting, backing tracks and streaming. But also for fun casual calls and video conferences.

Play live sounds
sperate audio to obs tracks

Organize OBS Audio:
Separate Game Audio, Discord, Music in OBS.

Send each audio source separately into OBS – such as Spotify, Discord, YouTube, Game audio or any other desktop audio source. 


Control of your audio is right at your fingertips.

Use any gear you want to control your audio: MIDI controller, Stream Deck, knobs, faders, buttons, computer keyboard – all can be mapped to control CASTER.

GroundControl Caster MIDI control
GroundControl Caster Live Dark mode

Support multiple audio devices of any kind.

Connect up to 6 audio devices and microphones of any kind and brand.

CASTER supports all types of microphones, headsets, headphones and audio interfaces.

GroundControl Caster Live

Per-application volume control

Control the volume level for all running applications on your Mac.

Set the volume high for a movie or game you’re playing, while setting the volume low for your alerts or notifications.

Record your Mac audio:



Record any audio on your mac. Capture an individual application audio, physical audio inputs or your entire system sound.

Record Zoom sessions, Skype conversation, your Gameplay and more.

Add your favourite Plug-ins.

Audio Processing is cool, you can use tons of FREE plug-ins.

Make your voice sound radio ready or use voice modifier plug-ins to sound like anything else, a robot, demon, woman, man etc.

Use Equaliser, Compressor, Expander/Gate, Reverb, Chorus and so much more.

Choose your favorite display setting


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$ 0 FREE
  • Soundboard
  • Sample packs
  • Recording
  • NDI support
  • AU plugins support
  • Source seperation
  • GroundControl devices
  • Sticky track
  • Light, Dark modes
  • Hotkeys
  • MIDI control
  • 1 Application track
  • Input / Microphone tracks


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$ 49
One time purchase
  • Soundboard
  • Sample packs
  • Recording
  • NDI support
  • AU plugins support
  • Source seperation
  • GroundControl devices
  • Sticky track
  • Light, Dark mode
  • Hotkeys
  • MIDI control
  • 8 Application tracks
  • Input / Microphone tracks

Upgrade to CASTER Live at any time, no risk, no credit card required!

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