Superior Sound for Everyone

Perfect sound in any situation

Create a perfect audio live or recordings with no extra equipment. Add an audio mixer right to your mac.
With Ginger Audio products you get a high quality production every time!

GroundControl ROOM (GCR)

In the Box, Cable free Control Room application for Mac

GroundControl ROOM is the next generation of the traditional Control Room. easy to use, and control your production without extra equipment.

A professional software-based control room that lets you calibrate your speakers and headphones and simplifies your routing through all your system sound, without compromising the audio quality.

No more noise and hum from old analog connections.
GroundControl Room is the first all in the box control room section with perfect digital fidelity.

GroundControl CASTER (GCC)

The all in one solution for your live stream, podcast, and recorded content. GCC is a cable free audio router for Mac.

The most powerful audio mixing board for content creators. Combine multiple audio sources of any kind: applications, microphones, audio interfaces and more.

Make your live streams and videos more engaging with your own sound mixer right on your mac.
Get high quality sound bites to include in your video or audio production.

Produce, mix and stream to your favorite streaming app: Twitch, OBS, StreamLabs, Zoom, StreamYard, Restream etc.

About us

We are a team of audio enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide unique audio solutions for Mac. 

Our team consists of software specialists in Mac programming and Audio processing. 

The GroundControl technology provides you the ability to route audio from any source to any destination on your Mac. Whether the audio is from an app, browser, microphone, or an audio interface, you can route up to 14 audio tracks to multiple destinations using unique mixes for each output.

Experience the simplest and fastest setup. Enjoy routing the most complex audio configurations with only a few clicks! We have made all of
it super easy for you.

We bring our expertise from the pro audio world to a wide range of users from content creators, to audio engineers and music producers.