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CASTER Live features

Audio source seperation

Split each CASTER track to a dedicated audio device and use it in OBS for separating your Discord, YouTube, Game audio or any other desktop audio source.

Application tracks

Control the volume level for all running applications on your Mac. 

Set the volume high for a movie or game you’re playing, while setting the volume low for your alerts or notifications.

Microphone and Input tracks

Support multiple audio devices of any kind.

Connect up to 6 audio devices and microphones of any kind and brand.

Virtual Audio devices creation

Pull audio from multiple sources into one virtual device! Just add the applications and physical audio devices you want to CASTER mixer tracks

MIDI and Hotkeys control

Use any gear you want to control your audio: MIDI controller, Stream Deck, knobs, faders, buttons, computer keyboard – all can be mapped to control CASTER.

Voice processing:
The easiest way to bring broadcast-quality sound to your voice

Voice Radio – will instantly enhance your voice and make it radio ready sound. Works perfectly on all types of microphones.


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