Routing and Monitoring made easy

Requires macOS 10.14 or newer


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In-the-box audio hub, built with a set of powerful routing and monitoring capabilities

GroundControl ROOM is revolutionizing the way we control and calibrate our audio systems.

As the next generation of the traditional Control Room section, our software-based solution allows you to easily calibrate your speakers and headphones while simplifying the routing of your system's sound without sacrificing audio quality.

Experience the first all-in-one box control room section with perfect digital fidelity, only with GroundControl ROOM.

Upgrade your audio production and elevate your sound with GroundControl ROOM.

"GroundControl Room is our portable hardware monitoring solution"

SAE intitute

"„Having GroundControl ROOM on my computer is like having a portable hardware monitoring solution available to me both on the go when teaching classes and in the studio. I no longer need to switch my Sonarworks profile when switching between speakers and headphones. By simply putting a separate instance on each output, I'm good to go! I highly recommend it“
Kilian Horvath, headinstructor, SAE institute Zürich"

"GroundControl Room is awesome!"

Alan Branch1 (1)

"Beautifully designed it helps me route audio between apps and interfaces simply and easily with great control options. Monitoring mixes to different speakers at the same time as using a plugin for realtime level metering all outside of the DAW, it’s a fantastic assistant for the modern day “in the box” studio setup."

LUFS control room metering

The ultimate solution for mastering loudness

GroundControl ROOM is the ultimate solution for mastering loudness.

With our Loudness Meter, you can easily measure and control the loudness of each input and output on your system.

Our visual scale makes it simple to monitor loudness and True Peak levels, and our dedicated UI section allows you to measure short-term and integrated loudness, True Peak, and loudness range of each track. Plus, you can even choose the output destination or streaming platform to ensure your mix is perfectly optimized.

Get the most accurate levels with GroundControl ROOM – all you need is LUFS 🧡.

Calibrate your System’s Sound.

GroundControl ROOM offers the ultimate solution for sound customization.

Using your room calibration plug-ins, you can achieve the perfect sound for any setup, whether it be built-in speakers, external speakers, or headphones.

GCR allows you to make corrections to all of your system’s sound at once, giving you complete control over your sound.

Enjoy unparalleled precision and flexibility with GroundControl ROOM.

Audio system calibration

Unleash your Routing Capabilities with GroundControl ROOM.

Unleash the full potential of your audio routing with GroundControl ROOM.

Our hub allows you to easily feed audio from DAWs, desktop, and any other applications, giving you the flexibility to toggle between virtual and physical audio inputs.

Compare your mix through different sets of speakers all in one place, and add as many virtual audio devices as you need for unlimited virtual Ins and Outs.

Expand your routing capabilities and elevate your audio production with GroundControl ROOM.