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Requires macOS 10.13 or newer 


Upgrade your home studio with GroundControl ROOM.

GroundControl ROOM is the next generation of the traditional Control Room section. A software-based control room that lets you calibrate your speakers and headphones and simplifies your routing through all your system sound, without compromising the audio quality. 

No more noise and hum from old analog connections. ROOM is the first all in the box control room section with perfect digital fidelity.

integrates with

Compare your mix on different speakers, 
use any reference as input

Up to 10 ins and outs of any kind

Dynamic routing

Stream your session.

With ROOM you can stream any input to multiple outputs.
Use your favourite DAW output, connect any microphone from any manufacturer and easily add it to your stream.
You can route to multiple outputs, stream and speakers.

Calibrate your system sound.

Use ROOM with your favourite room correction plug-ins.
By combining your choice of room/headphone correction tool,
ROOM enables you to have the correction you need to ALL your system sound such as various speakers and headphones at once!

Use any plug-ins for amazing audio processing options.

Insert plug-ins on both inputs and outputs. ROOM lets you use any AU plug-in to create amazing sounds and mixes.

Use MIDI and Hotkeys
for easy access

ROOM can work with all MIDI controllers – so you can easily control your system sound.

Use Hotkeys for quick control options from your keyboard.

Use 3D audio plug-ins for an outstanding 3d audio experience

Create and render spatial audio scenes with all the best 3d audio plug-ins. 

Enhance your audio with 3d sound design – perfect for game makers and film sound designers.

Who is ROOM for?

Mixing and Mastering Engineers




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